Our Story

At the beginning there was a simple meeting. Klara and Marian met through their passion for real-estate and later Marian invited Josef to join. We shared knowledge, tips, connections and generally helped each other with our companies. And because we discovered how much benefit these simple meetings had for us, we decided to start Czech & Slovak Proptech Association, whose mission remained the same: connect real-estate professional with focus on technology. In short with professionals in proptech.


Our Team


Marian Škvarek, CEO & Founder of Locco

“Synergies and possibilities we can create bymeeting other companies are endless. See you at soon at one of our events.”

— M.Š.


Klára Flisníková, Founder of RentRocket

“I am looking forward for everyone who will share our passion for real estate and its exciting future - proptech.”

— K.F.


Josef Šachta, CEO of Sharry

“Real-estate, buildings and everything in this field is created to serve human needs. Thanks to my experience from Sharry I know how important are connections and meaningful relationships. ”

— J.Š.